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Laffey's Tyre Services Ltd
Members of Firestones Agr/Farm specialist group (AGRI-POINT) Locally owned and operated for...
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RLD Landscape Solutions Ltd
RLD Landscape Solutions are landscape design consultants and construction professionals. We...
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Amisy Machinery
Amisy Machinery is established in 2000, with years experience in farming machines researching and...
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Tree Topping

This machine has been designed and built to handle trees that other hedge trimmers can't or won't even try, starting with its specially made saw blade which is 1600mm across and hardened steel. Because of its revolving blade weight, it cuts through most large branches and trees in one slice.
Natural Wool Insulation by Terra Lana

Profile of ANDREW HAY

42 year old father of three young boys. Recently returned from 10 years living in the highlands of Scotland. My wife and I are very active ski tourers and outdoors folk. We are both practicing Veterinarians - having moved through busy mixed NZ practice to Emergency medicine and Critical care inChCh with practice management responsibilities. Active hunter/shooter - British sports and now again NZ game - large and small.
It is great to be home!

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