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Topic: Dairy Herd Manager Hoof Trimming

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Dairy Herd Manager Hoof Trimming
Posted 27 May 18
I am asking for my husband who has been farming for 40 years in USA and also now in NZ. He is employed as a Herd Manager, using the standard federated farmers contract for a herd manager. He is doing all the hoof trimming at the 500 cow farm, as well as all the duties as herd manager. His manager, says very specifically that ''*any* herd manager are expected to do hoof trimming''.. He does not mind doing the trimming--- the point is that i believe his manager (not the farm owner) is full of it when he says any herd manager can do trimming. There is no clause in his contract about hoof trimming. What are your thoughts? This is in a farm in NZ. I can say, that back in the USA, and also in NZ, this is a specialized skill.. The point being, that this manager thinks that ''ANY herd manager can trim hooves''.. My husband is also extremely skilled at calving and like having a vet on the farm and can calve almost any calf w/o calling a vet and had no calf deaths under his watch... I am sure there are a lot of herd managers that do hoof trimming, but to say ''any herd manager is expected to hoof trim' is way over the top. Correct me if I am wrong. DairyNZ has a healthy hoof page, where in the area that I live, there is list of vets that come out. I just asked my husband, they had not have a vet out for a hoof issue all year. A penny for your thoughts