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Topic: Pest/Feral Animal Control

Last Post 27 Dec 14 by exterminator, 1 replies Sort by:

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Joined 27/12/14
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Pest/Feral Animal Control
Posted 27 Dec 14
Hey just a quick post offering my services, pest and feral animal control mainly suited for feral,goats/pigs/rabbits/possums/turkeys/peacocks I have a current and up to date NZ firearms licence and have done this on many farms before so I am used to being around farms and there animals. All animals taken will be taken away so it does not leave you with any mess. This is my hobby so completely free of charge. If you think this is something that can benefit us both please message me. Kind regards Chris
Joined 6/8/20
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Re: Pest/Feral Animal Control
Posted 6 Aug 20
BestoKill is a pest control company that offers home pest control for rodents and insects like bed bugs, ants, moths, cockroaches, rats, wasps and more. Our pest control services are like no other - we offer an effective 3 step IMP program that makes certain that once we remove the pests - they will not return.we are here to provide the Best Pest Control Service Whitby

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