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Topic: Statelite voip phone quality

Last Post 17 Sep 14 by Aunt Be, 1 replies Sort by:

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Joined 17/9/14
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Statelite voip phone quality
Posted 17 Sep 14
Am installing Statelite Broadband. Would like feedback from anyone esle who has used this service and would like to know what the phone service is like on it? I have been used to voip on fixed wireless broadband as used that for 6 years but no on statelite. Any feedback would be great thanks. Aunt Be
Joined 11/10/14
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Re: Statelite voip phone quality
Posted 14 Oct 14
Satelite may be a bit tricky for VOIP because to get good qulaity communications you must have minimal latency. That is the time for data to get from A to B. Satelite, because of the distances, typically has quite high latency. Not really noticeable for data but for VOIP might not be the best.