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Topic: WANTED nanny for 2 kids during AB season

Last Post 5 Aug 14 by bluhelr, 1 replies Sort by:

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Joined 5/8/14
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WANTED nanny for 2 kids during AB season
Posted 5 Aug 14
I looking for a nanny for my two 3yr old kids while i do AB ( im a tech) kids are in kindy 3 days a week so will need to be dropped off and picked up I often dont get home till after they are in bed so dinner ect will need to be done. Can have live in if you want season is short but full on NEEDS TO BE RELIABLE as I cant take any days off. My husband does shift work so isent home much but you will get days off when he can look after them. Im in Katikati please contact me if your intrested
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Re: WANTED nanny for 2 kids during AB season
Posted 5 Aug 14
Hi have you tried this business