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Topic: Advice for newbie entering the farming industry

Last Post 2 Jul 14 by Macca, 1 replies Sort by:

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Advice for newbie entering the farming industry
Posted 2 Jul 14
Hey all, I'm seriously considering going into the farming industry (dairy is looking top of the list, but sheep is a close second. Maybe both??). Thing is, I have little to no experience, and if I'm going to be investing in a farm (a giant leap for me, but money isn't a big issue), I'd like to know more about the little things that making farming easier.

What's something you've found a farm absolutely can't do without?
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Re: Advice for newbie entering the farming industry
Posted 28 Mar 20
I sincerely admire your interest to venture into farming with dairy and sheep as close second .In this world farming is a real profession worth venturing . Besides dairy ,I recommend for you to consider farming Drumstick ( Moringa oleifera ) a global super food . Moringa is cultivated organically to produce certified organic moringa leaf powder and also pods . The moringa leaf contains rich amount of mineral nutrients , essential amino acids , vitamins besides being anti aging and anti-cancerous . Moringa is also cultivated for dairy feed as it is rich protein food .There is a huge demand for moringa leaf powder in Australia and elsewhere around the world .The pods when eaten along with moringa flowers after cooking enhances libido in men as well as women folk .Global demand for moringa export is predicted to be around 7 billion dollars in 2025 . So you can consider growing moringa as a real commercial crop in addition to your main farming interest of dairy .
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