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Topic: Use of rural fire for land management - National survey

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Use of rural fire for land management - National survey
Posted 25 Feb 14
Fire has been a traditional farming tool for managing crops and vegetation, however, lately there have been concerns raised about the appropriateness of using fire to manage land, with media coverage and public debate over the issue in areas such as Central Otago and the Mackenzie basin.
There are very few guidelines (or consistent guidelines!) for land managers around safe practices when using fire for many of the land management activities. Compounding this is a change in farming practices, and social changes within rural communities.

Scion is conducting a national survey of the rural sector during 2013/2014 to understand how fire is being used in rural New Zealand, and also to gauge any concerns the public may have about fire use within their local communities. The aim is to understand the risks and benefits of fire as a tool, and to provide the NRFA and local government with some recommended guidelines for safe practices around rural fire use.

The link to the survey is: