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Topic: 9 Month old Calf Down

Last Post 7 Jun 13 by jdub, 2 replies Sort by:

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Joined 7/6/13
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9 Month old Calf Down
Posted 7 Jun 13
Hi We have a 9 month old calf which we found down, unable to get up in the paddock last Sunday. We have had the vet out and he can find no problems but gave antibiotics just in case. We have been tube feeding electrolytes but the calf is now drinking form a bucket, eating grain, grass and willow leaves. He seems healthy but still not able to stand. We have been hanging from a sling to try and get him to take his own weight but so far no luck. He seems to have feeling in his legs but no desire to get up himself. Does anyone have any ideas on what could possibly be wrong or how to get this calf up on his feet again. Cheers.
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Re: 9 Month old Calf Down
Posted 10 Jun 13
Has the Calf had access to any poisonous Plants???
Joined 7/6/13
2 posts
Re: 9 Month old Calf Down
Posted 11 Jun 13
No more access than the other 10 calves who are fine.
Last night he managed to move himself around the barn but still not standing.