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Topic: Big Buddy Mentoring Program

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Big Buddy Mentoring Program
Posted 14 Apr 12
Hi, I mentor a 13 year old Kiwi boy who lost his dad to heart disease in 2009. Travis is from West Auckland (Townie), since mentoring him we have discovered his passion for fishing and tramping. He is now a competent surf angler and keen tramper.

Travis has indicated a desire to learn shooting and hunting. I learnt to shoot rabbits as a teenager and am keen for Travis to learn similar skills. If any one has a farm/small block with in a 2 hour drive from Auckland were this young lad can shoot (under strict supervision) rabbits, possums, rats or magpies (air rifle). Could you please get in touch.

I work in the private investigation/security/CCTV industry and am happy to share my knowledge/skills in an effort for this young lad to learn and grow in to a good Kiwi bloke, so if you need any security consultancy advice etc happy to help.

Any advice welcome and appreciated.