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Topic: NAIT will it become an issue for sheep farmers

Last Post 18 Jul 11 by fred farmer, 3 replies Sort by:

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Joined 15/7/11
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NAIT will it become an issue for sheep farmers
Posted 18 Jul 11
Having read alot of info on NAIT & its introduction for deer and beef i personally think it will only be a matter of time before other cloven hoofed animals will be included, if sheep become part of NAIT what bnefits will we gain from this. With any NAIT system EID seems the prefered option for identifying animals, EID will offer on farm benefits more so for breeding stock i suspect than stock that will be slaughtered, do we need EID tags in stock to be slaughtered? surely cheaper options exist. Do processors assurance systems at present offer enough credibility for our customers, NAIT will offer a standardised assurance program,but will processors be able to agree on a system that suits all, this may be the stimulus for industry consolidation !?

discussion on this would be great. Not sure how much this forum is used so any other forums you know o fwere this could be discussed could also be passed on

Joined 27/8/06
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Re: NAIT will it become an issue for sheep farmers
Posted 3 Aug 11
I can not see how EID tags will benefit sheep farmers for animals to be slaughtered. Generally you cull lambs early and as far as ewes go they can be easily identified in the yards when the buyer comes to take a look. I think with the numbers/volume that sheep farmers cull there will be no advantage only high expense.
I would agree that they should find a cheaper option if NAIT is going to introduce this system to sheep farmers.
The system would certainly have to change at the processors end to make the expense worth while.

Do you have any thoughts on a cheaper identifcation system?
What changes do you think the processors need to make to make such a change worth the expense?
Joined 15/7/11
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Re: NAIT will it become an issue for sheep farmers
Posted 3 Aug 11
many farmers are using EID tags in slaughter animals already,this is enabling to collect data on animals so as to make more informed decisions as to what genetics to use, forage mgmt and type, weight gain etc. However not all farmers want to monitor their stock in this way, and neither should they have to. Cheaper forms of tagging exists and most farmers already tag animals so why not just barcode a tag and use this for stock movements. trucking co could scan animals onto trucks, or farmers could scan and record animals. processors yards could be set up accordingly scanning animals and relaying info back to the farm, the tricky one i suppose is moving animals farm to farm.
Joined 23/6/20
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Re: NAIT will it become an issue for sheep farmers
Posted 23 Jun 20