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Topic: Comments on PestWeb New Zealand

Last Post 24 Jan 11 by Glenn Tocher, 0 replies Sort by:

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Comments on PestWeb New Zealand
Posted 24 Jan 11
Hi everyone, My Name is Glenn Tocher and I've been working for a small company called Abacus Bio in Dunedin, for the past year we have been working closely with the likes of AgResearch, MAF and Otago farmers for the development of PestWeb New Zealand.

PestWeb is a free to everyone site that is aimed at helping farmers identify pasture pests and weeds and give them the required information to deal with them. PestWeb also will include PestAlert, which is a way of offering farmers email alerts for break outs of specific pests and weeds in their region.

Advertising of the site isn't going to be pushed until march but I would like to offer the members of this board the ability to have a look around at what has been done so far and to submit comments about what you like and what you dislike so i can make changes to better suit you as farmers.

The address for PestWeb is:

Comments can be made on this forum or sent to me via email,

I look forward to hearing from you all

Thanks for your time

Glenn Tocher