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Topic: Wanted rabbits - free pest control - Wellington

Last Post 4 Aug 08 by bear, 2 replies Sort by:

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Joined 4/8/08
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Wanted rabbits - free pest control - Wellington
Posted 4 Aug 08
I'm looking for a new spot to get rabbits. if anyone in the lower north island is having a problem with rabbits and is happy to have a responsible person on their property to remove them please give me a yell. i'm sure a few cold ones can be exchanged for the privilage call Josh 04 577 0730 or 04 474 0715 (wk) or email me at Cheers
Joined 27/8/06
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Re: Wanted rabbits - free pest control - Wellington
Posted 8 Sep 08
Shame your not down our way, plenty of rabbits and hares for you to chase. Have you considered approaching Doc and asking if they have any organised places to go. You might be surprised.
Joined 7/8/15
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Re: Wanted rabbits - free pest control - Wellington
Posted 7 Aug 15
Thanks for this information.