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Topic: Barley contracts

Last Post 15 Sep 06 by ham45, 2 replies Sort by:

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Joined 23/8/06
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Barley contracts
Posted 15 Sep 06
I have just read about Canterbury Farmers being offered $255/ tonne for contracted barley, I was offered only $250 and will not be signing a contract and are considering not growing any due to the high costs that we have incurred over the past year,With the Fuel cost and Freight alone we are growing it for a lot less than last year, so my question to you other growers is why do you keep contracting barley at these prices?
Joined 6/9/06
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Re: Barley contracts
Posted 25 Sep 06
what sort of yeild per ha do you get/
Joined 23/8/06
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Re: Barley contracts
Posted 25 Sep 06
I am getting an average of 5 tonne/ha on dryland in Canterbury, the way this seasons is going 5 tonne/ha may not be achievable as its getting dry early.