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Topic: Silage Hoarders

Last Post 30 Aug 06 by ham45, 2 replies Sort by:

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Joined 23/8/06
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Silage Hoarders
Posted 30 Aug 06
I read the article on Silage Hoarders and are amazed at the statement made by our Minister of Agriculture Jim Anderton I quote " Minister of Agriculture Jim Anderton has warned that he will publicly expose anyone profiting at the expense of other people's misfortunes." I would like to point out to him that its supply and demand. These farmers paying the high prices have had the same opportunity to conserve feed as the sellers, but they have decided to turn that feed into profit at the time and now in the situation of having to buy at higher prices, Is Jim going to publicly expose those buyers when there is a surplus of feed?
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Re: Silage Hoarders
Posted 19 Oct 06
i agree with u.demand for silage after canterbury snow was pumped way up by farm consultants who should no better
Joined 16/3/08
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Re: Silage Hoarders
Posted 17 Mar 08
I am confused.
You agree that prices were pumped?
Or it was manipulated by farm consultants?

If the later then is OK?