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Topic: The Showroom will help the guests by showing the gifts

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The Showroom will help the guests by showing the gifts
Posted 23 Jun 20
Making a wedding list is not something that is done every day, so the couple who is about to get married may have questions about how to do it, what kind of gifts to ask for, up to what price, in which stores it can be made; To resolve these doubts, we suggest you follow these guidelines:

• 1. It is very important that you make, together with your partner, the list of what they want and need for their new home, so it will be easier for them when they arrive at the store and they will not take so long.
• 2. It is important that the gifts you choose both like and hopefully they are things that will not go out of style soon.
• 3. You can use your trusted warehouse or showroom with products for the home. Divide the list into several products: one for kitchen items, one for household items, one for decoration.
• 4. It is recommended that you research and go to the showroom or warehouse several times before making the list. Look at various options and alternatives.
• 5. Get very good advice: In our company you will receive total company in the process of choosing products, in addition to having benefits such as bringing products to your home and handling guarantee policies.
• 6. It is important that the store you choose has an online or telephone shopping service, since many of your guests do not live in the city and it will be difficult for them to travel just to buy your gift.
• 7. Make sure that the store keeps track of what has been purchased so that they are not repeated, and delete those that have already been given away.
• 8. You must bear in mind that the information of the selected store or showroom appears on the invitation card, so that your friends know precisely and do not buy elsewhere due to ignorance.
• 9. The most important part is to say thank you, send a thank you card or message when you receive a gift or when you arrive for your honeymoon.
Some important products or elements that you should include in your list:

• 1. A perfect bedroom for rest should be sophisticated, modern, comfortable and cozy.
• 2. Functional and comfortable rooms to share with family and friends.
• 3. A minimum dining room of six seats, even if you do not think about having children, you must have the appropriate household items to receive your guests and family in your new home.
• 4. All kinds of glassware, set of long and short glasses, set of wine glasses, and other types of
• 5. A simple cutlery set for day-to-day use and a slightly more elegant set for more special occasions and guests.
• 6. It is essential that you have an entertainment center equipped with technology to spend hours of fun with your partner in free time or weekends.
• 7. Other couples will choose to include decoration items on their list such as: works of art, paintings, sculptures, living room cushions, vases, decorations.
• 8. Another option that is important not to leave out of the list, are the articles like: sets of sheets, quilts, bedding, towels, tablecloths, baskets, bathroom sets. It will depend on the taste that you and your partner have.

But be careful, this list should not be taken as an obligation for your friends and family, it is simply a suggestion that you and your fiance make, hoping that they want to fulfill it.

The Showroom will help the guests by showing the gifts that are still available so that they are not repeated, and that each gift can be purchased collectively. For example: Several guests can take charge of giving the dining room to the fiancées and thus reduce costs.