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Topic: Fendt Farmer 306LSA PTO clutch

Last Post 9 Apr 20 by bullgoose, 0 replies Sort by:

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Fendt Farmer 306LSA PTO clutch
Posted 9 Apr 20
Anyone worked on the (cable-operated) PTO clutch on a Fendt Farmer 306LSA (or early 90s 300 series tractor)?
I'm assuming the lack of drive stems from wear in the pressure plate or one or more of the 15 clutch plates, but I'm after tips on getting it apart and back together with correct measurements, torque etc.

No replies, so I have pressed on. For anyone else hunting for Farmer 306 help, try this site:
The Farmer 310 lsa is the same series as the 306, so most of the info is the same. I got it for around $16 Australian, and it is the real deal. The English translation is not on the same page as the diagrams, so you have to flick backwards and forwards a bit (a lot). The PTO job is not a simple one: there are several measurements to make and one special tool required (although it doesn't look too complicated to make). I can't put the job off any longer, so I'll report back when/if I finish.