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Combi Clamp

All regions Combi Clamp
Street Address:
Wayne and Lynley Coffey
R D 3
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 227 228 Fax: 06 388 9146 Mobile: 027 227 1778 Email:
Description of business:
Combi Clamp is a sheep handling device that requires no power or air, it's 100% portable and user friendly.
Designed by a farmer for farmers.

Features of the Combi Clamp:

A unique pressure plate system the operator stands on to hold the sheep.

Interchangeable for left and right handed operators.

Locking mechanism, to hold sheep in operators absence.

Dag Sweep - sweeps dags everytime you open the gate.

Soft side for grip and stock comfort. Also controls speed of stock entry.

Removeable anti-jump rails, allowing access to sheep in race if required.

Operator with hands free.

No power or air required.

All standard units are equipped to take accessories so expanding the standard unit can easily be done at a later date.

Solidly constructed.


Peter & Sheryl Tonkin
09 4317276

Stuart Oliver
03 318 0771