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SPI Capital Ltd - Investment Property Fund

All regions
Street Address:
55 Anzac Avenue
Postal Address:
PO Box 2208
Phone: 09 309 9922 Fax: 09 309 9105 Mobile: 021 858 225 Email:
Description of business:
Open Ended Unlisted Diversified Property Investment Fund

We have recently launched the SPI Property Fund which is now an active fund. SPI Capital is an experienced Manager with over $110m of assets under management which has returned an average annualised return of over 23% per annum for the past four years.

The SPI Property Fund is a new fund that offers the opportunity to invest in a transparent company structure that offers the following benefits:


• A positive growth stock with real assets
and healthy returns
• Strong alternative to Bank term deposits
and debenture stock products
• Clear separation from share market ups and
• A diversified asset allocation for investment
• A long term stock to hold in and through
turbulent times

The SPI Property Fund has been designed to be an open ended fund that will continue to raise ongoing capital and invest in an expanding diversified commercial property portfolio throughout New Zealand.

Special features of the Fund are:

Security of asset backed shareholding

• Independent Board providing strong
• Clear investor voting rights
• Little to no bank funding – with rights to
leverage up to 55% LVR

Attractive returns

• $10,000 per investment share minimum –
maximum 20% of total shares
• Projected 10-12% pa Total After Tax
• Regular monthly distributions at 8% pa
before Tax
• Two yearly capital gains distributions
(currently tax free)
• PIE regime structure with other significant
tax advantages

Professional Manager

• Experienced and professional Manager with
proven track record
• Investor aligned management fees

- based on % of net rents - not capital
- base management fees limited to a
maximum of 0.6% of value

- performance fee based on % of
increase of total net asset value


• Increased liquidity through in house exit
• Intention to join an unregistered trading

A full copy of our Investment statement and registered prospectus for the SPI Property Fund Ltd is available free of charge from 55 Anzac Avenue, Auckland, or to request your free copy please email us; or visit us;

We strongly recommend you seek independent Financial advice before making any investment decision