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App-based collaborative data capturing system

29 Jun 2017
Leading New Zealand agronomists are reaping the rewards of better connectivity with farmers using an app that captures, shares and stores data in real-time for better crop planning, protection, nutrition and management.
South Island-based Wholesale Seeds sales and marketing manager, Patrick Davis, has linked more than 150 of the company’s clients to the Agworld app, allowing himself and his skilled agronomists to record key production information and advice.

During inspection of paddocks, they use the app to immediately share information with the farmer client.

“Farmers rely on our speciality recommendations, which they receive directly to their mobile device (or computer) via the Agworld app,” Mr Davis said.
“This includes timely and critical advice about fertiliser use, what fungicides or insecticides are needed, application rates and other crop management and agronomy issues.

“While Wholesale Seeds agronomists are carrying out inspections on crops, any observations made or recommendations that are needed can be sent straight from the agronomist in the paddock direct to both the farmer and the company’s head office.

“The head office can then batch-up necessary products and have these delivered straight to the farm gate that day for use.”

Mr Davis said the use of the Agworld app was boosting efficiencies for Wholesale Seeds, which operates from Ashburton in the Canterbury region, and for its farmer clients by enabling both parties to access and record crop recommendations in real-time on a secure, transparent and accurate system.

He said these actions are then tracked, recorded and used to underpin crop production planning.

“We use the Agworld app in our planning and budgeting with clients throughout the whole year,” he said.

“It is integral to maintaining records about the implementation of advice during the busy season, observations noted during the season and then preparing season summaries and reports at the end of the season and at the start of the new year.

“We can track costs and keep the client in the picture to help with key decision-making and outcomes as the season unfolds.

“It is saving time for us and the farmer and we are making better use of data for important input decisions, such as whether to use more fertiliser or herbicides.”

Mr Davis said Agworld has also helped to improve farm cash flow management immensely for his clients by incorporating observations and production data into plans and enabling proactive management of seasonal risks, such as weather, weeds and pests.

Agworld Australia and New Zealand general manager Simon Foley said recording and monitoring crop production data through the app helped farmers build a better picture of their business performance and was instantly available and reportable for gross margin analysis.

He said across New Zealand and Australia, there were now about 17,000 farmers and up to 700 agronomists using the platform in desktop, iPhone and iPad format.

“Initially the product started with a ‘digital pen’ tool to help agronomists take notes in the field and send to clients via email - avoiding the hassle of pen and paper,” he said.

“Digital capabilities then expanded to workflow job management and record keeping.

“Today the Agworld app provides a suite of tools to help agronomists and farmers work collaboratively to maximise productivity and return on investment.”

Functions of the cloud-based app include planning and budgeting templates, scheduling, record keeping, production data, business planning and budgeting systems to build a full set of annual farm records.

Agworld is designed to be intuitive and user- friendly, but the company has staff to provide complimentary support and training to users.

Agworld is available via web browser or through its iPad and iPhone apps from the Apple App Store. For more information visit or Wholesale Seeds at

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