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New fence departs from tradition

16 Jun 2016
Having constructed over 1000 kilometres of fences as a contractor before retiring from the industry, Alan Davey is well aware of the pros and cons of various designs.

So when it came to building a fence on his own farm, he decided to depart from tradition and seek out cutting-edge options.

As a result, shiny new steel fences are popping up across Mr Davey’s sheep and cattle property near Thames at the southwestern end of the Coromandel Peninsula.

It’s an unusual sight on the North Island, where traditional paddock fences comprise eight wires, timber posts and timber battens between the posts.

Frustrated at the rate the staples rusted from the treatment in the wooden posts and battens, reducing the life of the wire and performance of a traditional fence, Mr Davey is using genuine galvanized Waratah products for his fences, including Jio® Star® posts and clips, and fabricated netting.

“Most of what we’re doing is fencing for sub-division and around lakes,” Mr Davey said.

“We are only part-way through the fencing now, but it’s the easiest permanent fencing I’ve ever put up, especially given we’re fencing through a lot of trees and contending with tree roots, and working in some very steep country.

“Using steel, you don’t need to clear such a big fence line compared to timber and you don’t need to bring in as much machinery for the job.

“Landholders on the North Island are not used to netting fences, but they are gradually converting to it, especially on a lot of sheep properties for keeping lambs in.

“We’ve put a plain wire on the bottom of our fence to keep the netting off the ground, so it doesn’t degrade, and it fills in the holes in hollows.”

The Jio Star posts feature more holes for improved wire alignment and attachment options than other Y posts with round holes, and have multiple accessory options including clips, ties and electrics.

“With the galvanised coating on the posts and the Longlife Blue® coating on the Jio clips, you know they’re going to last better than any of the alternatives,” Mr Davey said.

“The clips are brilliant – you can take them off and put them back on very quickly.”